FREME business case

Enhancing the cross language sharing and access to open agricultural and food data

In the area of agriculture and food safety information, currently content metadata is not available in multiple languages, needs to be curated manually, and the metadata is not linked to external data sources. Using FREME to development multilingual and interlinked data products can improve the innovation, education, research and decision-making in this highly demanded area of public sector information.
Expected benefits:
Using FREME e-services, the metadata in the agricultural and food domain will be available in several languages and in linked data format, so that it can be discovered by end users with different linguistic profiles and be consumed by external sources. Agroknow will gain a significant advantage compared to its competitors in this area of public data in several ways. The integration of language technologies as a basis for multilingual data creation will be a key differentiator. Also, the graphical interface for accessing multilingual linked data sources developed within FREME will enable Agroknow to provide an easy to use front end app, built on top of the data sources. FREME will enable Agroknow to reach new agriculture and food related organizations both from the public and industry realm in countries such as the France, Greece, Spain, Germany and Denmark, and organizations in United States and Latin America that want to provide their services not only in English but also in other languages such as Spanish.