FREME business case

Authoring and publishing of multilingually and semantically enriched eBooks

Publishing industry is currently facing a price paradox: on the one hand, establishing a digital workflow in parallel to a traditional print workflow incurs high investment costs, but on the other hand, consumers are expecting e-books to be cheaper than their corresponding print versions. As a result, to facilitate low e-book prices, inefficiencies in the current workflows have to be removed (e.g., by moving away from a print-first workflow that treats digital publishing as an afterthought) while increasing sales volumes. In addition, publishers have a need for workflows and technologies that allow them to enrich e-books with additional content. In that way, they can create added value for readers that purchase an e-book, rather than only the print book.
Expected benefits:

The FREME platform can empower publishers to approach forehand mentioned opportunities by integrating in existing publishing workflows via lightweight interfaces and by enrichment in open content formats. This business case is represented by IMINDS - an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation - that will investigates ways to empower the publishers through the use of FREME e-services. In particular, FREME e-services will be validated in the following sectors of the publishing industry:

1. the book publishing industry in close collaboration with umbrella organization, working within the context of the Publisher of the Future project . So far, trade publishers & academic publishers have shown interest in participating.
2. the newspaper publishing industry, where a major financial & economic newspaper has shown interest.
3. the culture marketing & tourism sector
4. the video publishing industry, with a possible use case in enrichment of video metadata