FREME business case

Integrating semantic enrichment into multilingual content in translation and localisation

Vistatec provides content localization services to highly successful international corporations who have a global presence. Vistatec has always used language technologies to ensure that it delivers accurate, on-brand translations that are appropriate to their customer’s local market demographics. The provision of localization services is an extremely competitive and mature industry where it is difficult to isolate companies like Vistatec who have unique value propositions. FREME will continue Vistatec’s tradition of offering leading-edge services, which will have profound effects in the way that its customer’s localized content can be discovered, rendered, aggregated, composed and consumed.
Expected benefits:
FREME will help make content enrichment services usable by organizations who use localisation services, but who are currently not aware of the possibilities of multilingual enrichment and linked data sources. Once these organizations understand the possibilities, new innovative ways of publishing their content will inevitably follow. Customer’s content will have an intelligence which will increase its discovery and hypermedia media integration. The usage of linked data and enrichment services is also likely to spawn new job types: a translator will extend her profile into an enrichment expert for a given content domain, e.g. in the area of software documentation. These extended job profiles will also contribute to job sustainability in the highly competitive translation market.