SME and Web Entrepreneurship group at the BDVA Summit 2015: Call for contributions

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) is organizing its first Summit in Madrid from 17th till 19th June 2015 with the aim of informing about the BDVA activities, present the main expected funding opportunities in the field of Big Data and to set-up dialogues to discuss opportunities and challenges offered by Big Data among the European Big Data Community. The final intent of the Summit is therefore to foster the networking and cooperation on research, development and business innovation around Big Data.

The forthcoming event will also host the meeting that kick-starts the EuDEco User Expert Group, the European think-tank that gathers the representatives of top-tier EU-funded projects related to the data economy. The inaugural workshop will provide a platform for a multi-perspective discussion on legal, socio-economic and technological framework conditions underpinning a thriving Data Value Chain. The roster of invited speakers includes Felix Sasaki from DFKI, Tatjana Gornostaja from Tilde and Michele Osella, Head of Business Model & Policy Innovation Unit at ISMB, who will participate in the meeting on behalf of FREME Consortium. During the meeting, Michele will illustrate the vision proposed by FREME Project for a competitive and self-sustaining European data economy.


As an Innovation Action under the H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the FREME project – with DFKI, ISMB and Tilde as full members of the BDVA – will take part in the BDVA Summit by actively contributing to some sessions of the 3-days program.

In particular, Tatjana Gornostaja – an experienced manager, trainer, and researcher in human and machine translation and terminology at Tilde (i.e. leading European language technology company), important partner of the FREME project – will chair the “SME and Web Entrepreneurship” session of the BDVA Summit on day 3, June 19th.

If you are interested to contribute to the discussion on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Web Entrepreneurship (WE) within the Big Data Value Association with by making a short presentation about your vision, please contact Tatjana Gornostaja (

During the summit Alfredo Favenza, a researcher at ISMB’s Mobile Solutions Area, will moderate the “Emerging Research Themes in Big data” session, on Thursday the 18th of June.


SME and Web Entrepreneurship group: Call for contributions
session at Big Data Value Association Summit
Day 3, June 19, 9:30

A major part of economics and innovation comes from SMEs and WEs, which are important both for Europe and H2020. The session in Madrid is meant for everyone, particularly current and future BDVA members, who are interested in SME and WE topics. The BDVA SME&WE group has been initiated under Task Force 8 Business and in the beginning it includes both topics. The session in Madrid aims at a result-oriented discussion. The main outcome of the discussion is to plan SME and WE group activities and results.

In this session participants will be able to:

  • present visions about group activities and results (prepared in advance);
  • provide feedback on presentations;
  • suggest and discuss group activities and results;
  • draft a plan of main group activities and results.

The expected tangible outcome following the session is a draft plan of:

  • 5 main group activities to focus on by 2020;
  • 3 main group activities to focus on during 2015;
  • 2 main results to deliver by 2016.

The expected tangible outcome following the session is a final plan of:

  • 5 main group activities to focus on by 2020;
  • 3 main group activities to focus on during 2015;
  • 2 main results to deliver by 2016.
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