FREME is award sponsor of the NEEL Challenge 2016

FREME is proude to announce its presence at the Named Entity rEcognition and Linking (NEEL) Challenge which will be part of the #Microposts2016 Workshop at the World Wide Web 2016 conference next 11 April in Montréal, Canada.

The challenge has a focus on ways for automatically recognise entities and their types from English microposts, and link them to the corresponding English DBpedia 2014 resources (if the resources exist) or NIL identifiers. Participants will have to automatically extract expressions that are formed by discrete (and typically short) sequences of words (e.g., Obama, London, Rakuten) and recognise their types (e.g., Person, Location, Organisation) from a collection of microposts. In the linking stage, the aim is to disambiguate the spotted entity to the corresponding DBpedia resource, or to a NIL reference if the spotted named entity does not match any resource in DBpedia.

FREME is fully involve in the organisation of the NEEL Challenge: on the one hand FREME will sponsor the event by awarding the best submission with a prize, and on the other hand Giuseppe Rizzo from ISMB – partner of the project leading both the business development and the disseminiation activities – chairs the Challenge.

Please visit the website of the Challenge to get further information.

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