FREME at the Small Big Data Value Association Summit

FREME delegates will partecipate in the Small Big Data Value Association Summit, presenting how the FREME open framework will contribute to the societal impact of Big Data.

The event will take place in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 2-3 March 2016 to drive forward the Big Data value ecosystem for the benefit of Europe, its companies and citizens. It is fully open to BDVA members and non-members, Big Data value stakeholders and any entity interested in the field of Big Data regardless of membership: from large organisations to SMEs, from universities to policy makers or user organisations, from business professionals to technology implementers.


FREME delegates will be more then active in this scenario. Dr. Felix Sasaki from DFKI – coordinator of the project – is going to present the FREME open framework, its set of e-Services, and the business cases that are bringing such innovations to the market through real-world applications. Moreover, Dr. Andrejs Vasiljevs from Tilde is in charge of leading the session “Technical challenges in data analytics & language processing” that will show the interaction between a generic topic (Data Analytics) and an important domain (Language processing).  Finally, Dr. Tatjana Gornostaja leads the session “Innovation and entrepreneurship” that wants to discuss, shape and plan innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Big Data for 2016-2017 in connection with the BDVA group “SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Big Data” and BDV PPP.

Participation in this event will turn in a big opportunity for our project since FREME delegates can meet and discuss adoption and further development of the open framework – as well as of the e-Services – with key players in the field of Big Data.

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