FREME Workshop @ SEMANTiCS 2016

This year FREME took part in SEMANTiCS – the meeting place for professionals who make semantic computing work, and understand its benefits and know its limitations – with the organization of the workshop entitled “FREME: Services for Multilingual Enrichment of Digital Content”.

In the workshop, FREME delegates guided participant through the framework and e-services design and architecture, and provided the basis for semantic and multilingual processing of digital content with real-world scenarios. In particular, the workshop tackled many questions among which: what is FREME and what are the key advantages of using FREME, what is NIF, how NIF plays an important role in FREME, and what are the latest developments in NIF 2.1, how to consume each FREME e-service and process digital content, how to adapt FREME to specific business scenario, and how to contribute to FREME.

Answer to these and other questions were made by means of examples and hands-on exercises since the tutorial was organized in theoretical and practical sessions.

Further detail on the workshop are available here.

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