iMinds brings FREME at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

iMinds – one of the business partners of the FREME project – will participate in two different events organized in collaboration with the Frankfurt Book Fair that will take place from 14 to 18 October 2015 in the German city. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest event of the publishing industry and FREME will have the chance to get in contact with major actors of this field as well as with part of its target communities.


Frank Salliau, senior researcher at iMinds, will present FREME on Thursday 15 October within the workshop “Money for innovation: how the European Commission promotes growth for creative industries“, organized by the Technology for Innovation and Smart Publishing (TIPS) project. The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of the Guarantee Facility instrument and the new H2020 work programme of with the goal of pointing out concrete opportunities for SMEs in the publishing sector to invest in innovation. An insight into the most recent initiatives and experiences promoting technological and digital innovation in the publishing sector will stimulate the discussion on needs and trends of the industry.

He will also present FREME to attendees of the New European Media (NEM) summit: an event that exists since 2008, and has traveled around Europe. NEM is the European technology platform for connected, converging and interactive media and creative industries that brings together major European organizations involved in the areas of digital media and digital content, including content providers, creative industries, broadcasters, network equipment manufacturers, network operators and service providers, academic institutions, standardisation bodies and government authorities. The Summit will look at the latest developments in transmedia, immersive and interactive storytelling, with a focus on innovations enabled by technology.

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