Past events

This page is a collection of the main past events related to the FREME project.

FREME progress meeting – Dublin

The last FREME progress meeting took place in Dublin on November 15-16. Main topics were focused on business development of the FREME use cases.
Dublin (Ireland)
15-16 November 2016

EVA Berlin

The 23rd EVA conference in Berlin encourages the exchange between heritage institutions and technology providers, information professionals and the public administration. Innovative contributions to the conference and proposals for application-oriented workshops are expected. As part of the network of existing EVA conferences, the event in Berlin is a platform for transnational exchange and European co-operation.
Berlin (Germany)
9-11 November 2016

Tekom Conference 2016

The tekom conferences are the German speaking conferences of the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation. The annual conference is held every autumn in the same place. Since 2014, this is Stuttgart, Germany. It is accompanied by the tekom fair, the only trade fair for Technical Communication worldwide, and also the tcworld conference. Currently, tekom is the largest international event for Technical Communication.
Stuttgart (Germany)
8-10 November 2016

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world's largest trade fair for books, based on the number of publishing companies represented. For five days more than 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries and more than 286,000 visitors take part. The Frankfurt Book Fair is considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international deals and trading.
Frankfurt (Germany)
19-23 October 2016

Baltic HLT 2016

The aim of the Seventh International Conference "Human Language Technologies - the Baltic Perspective" is to provide a forum for the sharing of new ideas and recent advances in human language processing and to promote cooperation between the research communities of computer science and linguistics from the Baltic states and the rest of the world.
Riga (Latvia)
6-7 October 2016

Predict 2016

The Predict Conference features leading international thinkers in the areas of Data, Predictive Models, Technology and Decision making. At the meeting, latest progress in Predictive Modelling and its future - from Data to Software and Hardware technology, plus Predictive Modelling methods and the best examples of Data-driven Decision-making - are discussed.
Dublin (Ireland)
3-4 October 2016

Open Data Conference 2016

The International Open Data Conference (IODC) is the essential meeting point for the global community to debate and study the future of open data. IODC aims to build stronger relationships between open data initiatives from the different governments and establish a dialogue between these voices: policy makers and Public Sector Information (PSI) holders, private companies, startups and freelancers, activists and NGO’s, data journalism, and representatives of civil society from all over the world.
Madrid (Spain)
6-7 October 2016


The annual SEMANTiCS conference is the meeting place for professionals who make semantic computing work, and understand its benefits and know its limitations. Every year, SEMANTiCS attracts information managers, IT-architects, software engineers, and researchers, from organisations ranging from NPOs, universities, public administrations to the largest companies in the world.
Leipzig (Germany)
12-15 September 2016

UMAP 2016

UMAP is the premier international conference for researchers and practitioners working on systems that adapt to individual users, to groups of users, and that collect, represent, and model user information.
Halifax (Canada)
13-16 July 2016

Hypertext 2016

The ACM Hypertext conference is a premium venue for high quality peer-reviewed research on hypertext theory, systems and applications. It is concerned with all aspects of modern hypertext research including social media, semantic web, dynamic and computed hypertext and hypermedia as well as narrative systems and applications.
Halifax (Canada)
10-13 July 2016

FREME progress meeting – Lisbon

The fourth FREME progress meeting took place in Lisbon on July 6-7. Main topic was use cases with focus on business development and exploitation perspective.
Lisbon (Portugal)
6-7 July 2016

European Data Forum 2016

The European Data Forum (EDF) is a meeting for industry professionals, researchers, policymakers and members of community initiatives to discuss the challenges of Big Data and the emerging Data Economy and to develop suitable action plans for addressing these challenges.
Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
29-30 June 2016

Localisation World 2016

LocWorld is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management. Attendees are the people responsible for communicating across the boundaries of language and culture in the global marketplace. With a specific emphasis on global business the conference provides an opportunity for the exchange of high-value information in the language and translation services and technologies market.
Dublin (Ireland)
8-10 June 2016

ESWC 2016

The ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies.
Crete (Greece)
29 May-2 June 2016

Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2016)

Since the first edition held in Granada in 1998, LREC has become the major event on Language Resources (LRs) and evaluation for Language Technologies (LT). The aim of LREC is to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art, explore new R&D directions and emerging trends, as well as to exchange information regarding LRs and their applications.
Portorož (Slovenia)
23-28 May 2016

Named Entity rEcognition and Linking (NEEL) Challenge 2016

The Challenge will be part of the #Microposts2016 Workshop at the World Wide Web 2016 conference. Main task is to automatically recognise entities and their types from English microposts, and link them to the corresponding English DBpedia 2014 resources (if the resources exist) or NIL identifiers.
Montréal (Canada)
11-12 April 2016

Small Big Data Value Association Summit

The Summit will focus on: driving forward the Big Data Value ecosystem and its Digital Agenda for the benefit of Europe, its Companies and Citizens, engaging in the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership, its Programme and Opportunities, and providing final network and proposal/consortium activities for up-coming calls.
The Hague (The Netherlands)
2-3 March 2016

Big Data Information and Networking Days: H2020-ICT-2016-2017

The H2020 “Big Data Information and Networking Days” will be organised on 14-15 January 2016 in Brussels with the aim of informing and guiding prospective proposers preparing project proposals, while facilitating sharing of ideas and experiences.
Brussels (Belgium)
14-15 January 2016

FREME progress meeting – Athens

The third FREME progress meeting took place in Athens on December 10-11. At the center of the meeting agenda there were topics related to the integration of FREME e-Services within commercial grade applications. The meeting allowed also the FREME Consortium to review first year of the project.
Athens (Greece)
10-11 December 2015

FREME Platinum Sponsor at EDF2015

On November 16-17 FREME was platinum sponsor at the European Data Forum (EDF 2015), a focal point for the top leaders and advocates of Open Data, Linked Data and Big Data.
16-17 November 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

iMinds – one of the business partners of the FREME project – was participating in two different events organized in collaboration with the Frankfurt Book Fair that will take place from 14 to 18 October 2015 in the German city.
Frankfurt (Germany)
14-18 October 2015


It is a conference for professionals who make semantic computing work, and understand its benefits and know its limitations. FREME was fully involved in SEMANTiCS 2015 by exhibiting a demo of the e-Services related to the integration of FREME within two popular Web tools: the CKEditor, a HTML editor for authoring content in different CMS platforms, and the Ocelot, an open source desktop content editor.
Vienna (Austria)
16-17 September 2015

Predict Conference 2015

The Predict Conference 2015 features leading international thinkers in the areas of data, predictive models, technology and decision making. The FREME project was in the front line among the exhibitors with Wripl that launched its FREME empowered Content Strategiser that helps website owners to understand what topic they need to be writing about next.
Dublin (Ireland)
15-17 September 2015

FREME progress meeting – Turin

The second FREME progress meeting was held at the ISMB premises in Turin on September 3-4. At the center of the meeting agenda: update of updated requirement analysis and specification for FREME business cases, concrete cross technology and business partner opportunities and work on service level agreement.
Turin (Italy)
3-4 September 2015

FREME at the 6th LIDER Roadmapping Workshop

The FREME partner Tilde participated in the 6th LIDER Roadmapping workshop on Content Analytics and Linked Data in Healthcare and Medicine held on July 13 at Siemens's premises in Munich. Andis Lagzdins from Tilde presented multilingual solutions for content analytics in healthcare.
Munich (Germany)
13 July 2015

FREME at the 20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes

The 1st International Workshop on the Use of Multilingual Language Resources in Knowledge Representation Systems was held during the 20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes in Vienna on July 10th 2015, where Dr. Felix Sasaki talked about approaches and application scenarios for integrating multilingual knowledge resources and Web content.
Vienna (Austria)
8-10 July 2015

FREME at LT-Innovate Summit 2015

The FREME partner Tilde participated in the LT-Innovate Summit held on June 25-26 in Brussels. On the first day the CEO of Tilde, Andrejs Vasiljevs, presented FREME during the session "Language Resources: Foundations of the Multilingual Digital Single Market - Matching Supply to Demand" on behalf of the Big Data Value Association as a Board of Directors member.
Brussels (Belgium)
25-26 June 2015

DBpedia meeting

FREME was at the DBpedia meeting on June 25, presenting at the 4th DBpedia community meeting. The primary focus was on FREME tech, on-going efforts and future directions in relation to DBpedia.
Poznan (Poland)
25 June 2015

Big Data Value Association (BDVA) Summit

As an Innovation Action under the H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the FREME Project – with DFKI, ISMB and Tilde as full members of the BDVA – took part in the BDVA Summit by actively contributing to some sessions of the 3-days program. Felix Sasaki from DFKI, Tatjana Gornostaja from Tilde and Michele Osella, Head of Business Model & Policy Innovation Unit at ISMB, participated in the 1st clustering workshop of the EuDEco User Expert Group on behalf of FREME Consortium, hosted from the BDVA event.

Madrid (Spain)
17-19 June 2015

FREME at the 1st Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Open Data

FREME took part in the "1st Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Open Data" on June 16, by actively contributing to the Seminars and the Practical sessions, with "Roundtripping of NIF based Linguistic Linked Data with non linked data sources".

Madrid (Spain)
15-19 June 2015

The FREME project at the FEISGILTT 2015 in Berlin

FREME took part to the FEISGILTT (Federated Event For Interoperability Standardization in Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation Technologies) 2015 event in Berlin with several presentations, on FREME use cases and on how to make linked data available to localisers.

Berlin (Germany)
2-3 June 2015

FREME participated in the ESWC 2015 conference

FREME position statement presented at the 4th Multilingual Semantic Web Workshop "Introducing FREME: Deploying Linguistic Linked Data" on June 1st; while on June 3rd, we participated in the EU project networking session to present "Introduction to FREME: Data meets Language meets Business".

Portoroz (Slovenia)
31 May - 4 June 2015

Riga Summit 2015 - Shape the future of the multilingual digital single market

Top government officials, business leaders, technology developers, and language researchers gathered in Riga from April 27-29 to forge a unified vision for the multilingual digital single market. At the Riga Summit, stakeholders developed a combined strategy, identified goals, and initiated concrete actions to bring about this crucial vision for a digital single market without language barriers, which is instrumental for empowering Europe in the global world.
The FREME project participated with a poster and a presentation, check the news section of the the website to read more.

Riga (Latvia)
27-29 April 2015

FREME at the London Book Fair 2015

During the London Book Fair (14-16 April 2015), Frank Salliau presented the FREME project to the Technologies and Innovation for Smart Publishing (TISP) Consortium, the European project aiming to foster the meeting between publishing companies and ICT enterprises, in order to stimulate new partnership and business models.

London (United Kingdom)
14-16 April 2015

FREME progress meeting - Ghent

The first FREME progress meeting was held at the iMinds premises in Ghent on March 8-9. The focus of the meeting was on the analysis of what was done so far with the final goal of evaluating the status of the first deliverables whose deadline was the end of April 2015.
Ghent (Belgium)
8-9 March 2015

FREME kick-off meeting

The FREME‬ kick-off meeting was held in Berlin at DFKI premises on February 5-6. The two-day meeting went through a fully-packed agenda framed around the presentation of major work packages, spanning the gamut from data innovation and take-up to impact maximization passing through the four business cases placed all along the Data Value Chain. Click on the news link to read more about this event.
Berlin (Germany)
5-6 February 2015