FREME is a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary action, and the FREME consortium brings together knowledgeable specialists in language resources, tools, and services, multilingualism, infrastructure, standardisation, semantic web, linked data and open data including public sector information, publishing, localisation, and business development.


Brief description

Contribution to FREME


DFKI is one of the largest non-profit contract research institutes in the field of innovative software technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods.

DFKI will lead the FREME consortium. This is first motivated by DFKI’s goal to provide technology transfer, driving the e-Internationalisation service. Second, as coordinator of the MultilingualWeb-LT project, DFKI has a strong experience in collaborative work between language technology plus linked data innovators and SMEs looking for new business opportunities.

Agroknow is a fast growing SME specialised in agro-biodiversity knowledge management with a clear research focus on knowledge-intensive technology innovation for agriculture, food and biodiversity.
Agroknow will drive the “Enhancing the cross language sharing and access to open agricultural and food data” business case. Agroknow will provide the validation of FREME objectives using public sector information and users from governmental organisations and individuals interested in societal challenges. It will constitute new cross-lingual data value chains and help to grow Agroknow’s business across borders and languages.

iMinds offers companies and organisations active support in research and development, primarily through bringing them together in research projects.
iMinds will drive the e-Publishing service . iMinds will also be the driver of the “Authoring of Multilingual and Enriched eBooks” business case. Here, iMinds does not play the role of a business partner with direct monetisation interests via FREME, but as a facilitator to the large group of SMEs working in digital publishing. This role is supported via a local Flemish project (Publisher of the Future), a European thematic network (TISP), and participation in relevant standardisation activities. The feedback from publishers will help to evaluate the possibility of new job profiles, ranging from content creators to enrichment experts.

Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) hosts world-class research groups in service and web science.
INFAI will drive the e-Link and the e-Entity services. INFAI will also help to identify existing and new linked data sets that can contribute to unknown data value chains. Finally INFAI will play an important role in sustaining the results of FREME by enlarging the interest in FREME in growing the linked data developer community.

Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) is a research and innovation center operating in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) domain.
ISMB will coordinate the dissemination of FREME results. This is not traditional validation but rather a means to reach out to potential users of FREME in a variety of sectors. ISBM will assure that these cross-sectorial activities can be validated and the quality of the business models can be examined on a general level.

TILDE is specialising in multilingual and multimodal digital content management technologies and localisation services.
TILDE will lead the development of the e-Terminology service. Using existing resources in the realm of terminology, TILDE will provide new linguistic linked data assets and help to constitute innovative linked data value chains. Via its double expertise both in research providing market solutions, TILDE will also be crucial in validating the business case scenarios.

VistaTEC provides expert leadership in global content solutions and understands how organisations leverage products, communications and commercial content to create compelling outcomes for their customers.
VistaTEC will drive the “Integrating semantic enrichment into multilingual content” business case. VistaTEC will target the localisation and translation sector and help to validate here what open data sets can lead to commercialisation. One aim of VistaTEC is to examine new qualifications for translators, who could offer value to content beyond translation.

Wripl provides high-end personalisation solutions to online content providers. Wripl delivers one-to-one real-time personalised web content recommendations across all of his/her devices.
Wripl is a start-up that will drive the “Personalised Content Recommendations” business case. FREME will enable Wripl to provide content recommendations in several languages and the related attractive markets. This will be a key differentiator compared to competitors in the market of personalised recommender systems. In this way Wripl will help to validate the usefulness of FREME for start-up companies, who use flexible & multilingual enrichment functionality as a competitive advantage in highly dynamic and evolving markets.