Andrejs Vasiljevs

Company: Tilde

Andrejs Vasiljevs is the co-founder and chairman of the board of Tilde. He is a member of the Commission of the Official Language of Latvia and the UNESCO Intergovernmental Council for the Information for All Programme. Andrejs Vasiļjevs is an author of a number of papers on terminology management, machine translation, natural language processing, and the use of new technologies for language and culture development. He was/has been the coordinator of the EU eContent Programme project EuroTermBank (2007), Competitiveness and Innovation Programme projects LetsMT! (2012) and META-NORD (2013), the Seventh Framework Programme projects ACCURAT (2012) and TaaS (2014). Andrejs Vasiljevs has also participated in several international and national activities related to multilingual language technologies.