Business cases

The FREME project presents an array of four complementary business cases aimed at testing how third parties could develop ground-breaking solutions in multifarious industries leveraging the underlying technological platform developed during the action lifecycle. This cohort of business cases not only constitutes the ‘litmus test’ for validating innovation, robustness, and usability of the FREME framework of e-services, but will also act as a ‘springboard’ for future business opportunities related to the existing core businesses of industrial partners. Each industrial partner, in fact, commits to invest in the FREME framework of e-services making a sort of ‘bet’ on it, that is completely counting on FREME framework for broadening the product/service portfolio offered to the target customer base.

Authoring and publishing multilingually and semantically enriched eBooks



Integrating semantic enrichment into multilingual content in translation and localisation



Enhancing the cross-language sharing and access to open agricultural and food data



FREME-empowered personalised content recommendations