Expected impacts

The FREME action responds both to general expected impacts of the H2020-ICT15 topic, and also to expected impacts for the scope “Collaborative projects focused on innovation and technology transfer in multilingual data harvesting and analytics solutions and services.” The figure below shows the relation of FREME to several aspects of general impact:




The business or process improvement achieved by FREME can be exemplified for example by the “Enhancing the cross language sharing and access to open agricultural and food data” business case. In this domain, end users often cannot grasp the content in their native language. Search is possible only in the language of the indexed documents. There is low quality of translations, and terminology is not correctly translated. Content metadata is of low quality and incomplete, prohibiting good discovery services, and content is not connected to external data sources.

FREME will improve this situation in several ways: e-Translation will allow users to access content in their own language. e-Entity will be used to detect and search relevant entities in user queries; in combination with e-Translation, this will allow users to discover content across language barriers and explore structured data with their native language. e-Terminology will help to create high quality terminology efficiently. e-Link will allow to connect the terminology with external data sources. e-Publishing and e-Internationalisation will provide standardised representation of content including enrichment information. This will be the basis for further content re-use.