Project implementation

The FREME project is built around 7 Work Packages (WP) as shown in the figure below, where the plan for the FREME framework integration, its validation within FREME business cases, FREME dissemination and impact maximisation, and the management of the action is outlined. The logical structure of the project is driven by 4 vertical WPs that are 4 real world business cases (WP2, WP3, WP4, and WP5) and 3 horizontal WPs that are technological, dissemination, and management WPs (WP1, WP6, and WP7).



FREME work will constitute of iterative periods. FREME partners will integrate and validate, then again integrate based on feedback got during the first validation and then validate updates etc. One iteration could be a month. This approach has proved itself in the software development and user experience praxis and ensures achieving better results.

Each WP will produce its distinct outputs as described in the Deliverables page