Specific objectives

The FREME action relates to the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014-2015: Industrial Leadership, Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies, Information and Communication Technologies, Content Technologies and Information Management. The overall challenge in the realm of content technologies and information management that the FREME action addresses is to strengthen the position of the European Union as provider of innovative multilingual products and services based on digital content and data, addressing well-identified industry and consumer market needs.




The following items summarise the FREME specific objectives that are consistent with the above menthioned Work Programme objectives:

  • Innovation in content and data value chains, to establish innovative framework with 6 multilingual and semantic enrichment services for digital content to make it dynamic (accessible, interoperable, and reusable), discoverable (visible on the Web), and aggregatable (friendly to indexing and search engines). To ensure the framework is generic (not tailored to specific sector, country, and / or language), flexible (the framework can be extended with new services), and reconfigurable (enrichment services can be integrated independently) to serve a wide range of other customer needs beyond the FREME action.
  • Integration and transfer of technologies, to transfer the following existing semantic and multilingual technologies to the market of digital content management by their integration into the FREME framework: Internationalisation Tag Set 2.0 (ITS 2.0) and its open technologies; Natural Language Processing Interchange Format and its relevant technologies; entity identification and recognition technologies; cloud terminology services and web-based service for terminology annotation in the ITS 2.0-enriched content; cloud machine translation for building custom machine translation systems; cloud authoring environment for creating eBooks, technical documentation, and marketing materials.
  • Validation within real world, to integrate and validate 6 enrichment services for digital content within 4 business cases: content creation (or authoring) and publishing, content translation/localisation, cross-language content sharing and access, and personalised Web content recommendations. To ensure cross-sector, cross-border, and cross-language approach in terms of partner countries, domains, and languages. To involve 200 Beta users to validate the FREME services beyond the consortium.
  • Innovation in business models and growth of businesses, to contribute to innovation of business models for digital content and Big Data markets by the example of 4 business models and business plans for 4 FREME business cases and in view of FREME technologies journey “from the lab to the market” and relevant market validations. To develop 4 business plans with contextualisation of 4 FREME business cases in the content and data value chain and formalisation of a viable business model. Thus, also to contribute to improving the ability of the European Union companies (SMEs in particular) in growing existing and establishing new businesses by enabling them with powerful framework to manage their digital content when extending businesses across the European Union and beyond it.
  • Extension of job profiles and facilitating acquisition of new skills, to contribute to extending profiles of existing jobs and creating the foundation for new job profiles in the digital content management realm (including across the defined steps of content and data value chains) by active dissemination and impact maximisation activities and by organising at least 3 tutorials at major relevant events. To ensure sustainability of the FREME framework and user support facilitating acquisition of new skills in the way that FREME will be a living artefact deeply entrenched into the assets of the consortium partners and thus will be sustainably maintained well beyond the lifetime of the FREME EU action.