What is FREME

FREME addresses the general systemic and technological challenges to validate that multilingual and semantic technologies are ready for their integration in real life business cases in innovative way. These technologies are capable to process (harvest and analyse) content, capture datasets, and add value throughout content and data value chains across sectors, countries, and languages. The figure below summarises the concept and approach of the FREME action:


FREME concept and approach are designed from the perspective of real world business needs. Multilingual and semantic technology providers will be able to integrate their enrichment services into the FREME framework within any data value chain in a user-friendly and robust way. Thus, FREME will allow service providers and end users to establish clear business relationships for various types of enrichment in content and data value chains without any prescriptions. In particular, FREME will help to develop new business models for many stakeholders in enrichment-enabled content and data value chains.

The FREME framework for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content will integrate the following e-services based on existing and mature technologies:

  • e-Internationalisation based on the technology Internationalisation Tag Set (ITS) Version 2.0
  • e-Link based on the Natural Language Processing Interchange Format (NIF), the DBpedia Ontology and RDF
  • e-Entity based on entity recognition software and existing linked entity datasets from Linked Data and Open Data
  • e-Terminology based on cloud terminology services for terminology management and terminology annotation web service to annotate terminology in ITS 2.0 enriched content
  • e-Translation based on cloud machine translation services for building custom machine translation systems
  • e-Publishing based on cloud content authoring environment (for example e-books, technical documentation, marketing materials etc.) and its export for publishing in Electronic Publication (EPUB3) format