Vistatec to launch deep content at Localization World 2016

Our Partner Vistatec, a world leading service provider for localization and global content solutions, is launching its latest innovative FREME-powered service “Deep Content” at Localization World 2016 in Dublin, Ireland.

​”Internet scale semantic and natural language processing technologies are now capable of being aggregated and composed into pipelines which can discover, analyze and enrich content, utilize public and private datasets, and add value throughout content and data value chains across sectors, countries, and languages,” explains Phil Ritchie, CTO at Vistatec. Vistatec’s Deep Content validates that multilingual and semantic technologies are ready for their integration in real life global business cases in very innovative ways. We are delighted to be launching our Deep Content solution that will help make content enrichment services usable by content driven organizations, but who are currently not aware of the possibilities of multilingual enrichment and linked data resources. Once these organizations understand the possibilities, new, innovative ways of publishing and consuming their content will inevitably follow,” explains Phil Ritchie, CTO at Vistatec.


Customer’s content will have an intelligence, which will increase its discovery and hypermedia integration and influence global end user consumption and behaviour. Vistatec has always been at the forefront of harnessing disruptive technologies and applying them in truly novel solutions for their customers. “Deep Content is revolutionary yet underpinned and supported by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and industry open and interoperable standards,” Phil concluded.

Through this new service powered by the FREME open framework od e-Services, Vistatec will help to empower digital content managers with the advantages and benefits Deep Content brings to the market. Vistatec is currently working with a number of beta customers to integrate Deep Content into their global digital content production processes. Vistatec works with many of the world’s most iconic brands to create seamless and compelling content journeys and product experiences for their customers. By providing powerful, accurate, contextual and culturally relevant language versions of our customers’ products and commercial content, our clients can engage and scale their global customer base in a consistent, timely and cost efficient manner.

Vistatec will exhibit its services also at the European Data Forum 2016 in Eindhoven, 29-30 June. If your organization is interested in finding out more information, you can book an appointment by filling in the form at this link (or click on the banner below). We look forward to meet you during upcoming FREME-related events.

Click here to get more info about Localization World 2016 – Dublin.


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